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How to Apply Mink Eyelashes - Step-by-Step

How to apply Mink Eyelashes.  This tutorial is easy peasy we promise.  Just take a little time to practice over a weekend and you will be a lash applying expert in no time flat!  



Step 1

Gently remove the mink lashes from the tray using tweezers.  

Step 2

Hold the lash strip against your eyelid & trim the outer end to fit your eye shape.  This step is very important because instead of having an eye opening effect the lash will have an eye drooping effect which can age you.  

Step 3

Apply a thin strip of lash glue along the band & wait until the glue is tacky.  About 30 seconds or so depending on the lash glue you choose.

Step 4

Place the lash as close to your lash line as possible & hold until it is secure, gently press the lash into your lash line.  It is easier if you look down when applying - using a hand held mirror makes it easier.  


Voila!  All done.  Wasn't that easy enough, huh.  If not, just continue to practice and it will be a breeze in no time.  Quicker than mascara when you perfect the technique.    


Important Note: Always store your lashes in the original packaging to preserve the longevity of your lashes and keep them free of harmful dust and bacteria.   


Comment down below if you have additional tips to share.  

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