How to choose the right eyelashes for your eye shape!


Hello Lovelies!  Today's blog will give you some insight into choosing the right lash style for your eye shape.  We think the eyelash trend is the best thing since sliced bread.  And while women are beautiful no matter what, there is nothing like adding the cherry on top of our beauty with some gorgeous eyelashes.  I have found that I can get away with eyelashes and lipgloss on most days and look totally put together - celebrity styling.  With that said, I have found that not all lashes look good on all eye types.  


Small Eyes

Small eyes look best with a shorter lash and thin lash band.  This way your eyes do not disappear under a heavy or longer lash.  

Hooded Eyes

If you have hooded eyes the crease of your eyelid almost disappears when you open your eye. Lashes that taper on both ends look the best on hooded eyes because that style will help to open your eye up.  

Round Eyes

If you have circular eyes the crease of your eye is very visible and you often will have a lot of eye space to work with when applying shadows to your lids.  The best lashes for circular eyes are wispy lashes. These lashes are usually longer toward the end and will help to elongate your eye.  Wispy lashes create a cat-eye shape, which is flirty and feminine

Deep-Set Eyes

If you have deep set eyes you have larger eyes that sit deeper inside your eye socket, and you may have a very prominent brow bone.  This eye type is the perfect eye for long and dramatic eyelashes.  25MM lashes look absolutely stunning on deep set eyes.  

Almond Eyes

If you have almond eyes you can wear just about any style lash and get away with it.  You can go really dramatic for an evening out, or light and wispy for an every day look.  You can also rock the 25MM look and be extremely glamorous without having the lash over-power your eye shape or look.    

The key is no matter which eye shape you have our high quality affordable mink eyelashes can enhance your beauty. 

We hope you found this blog useful and that it helped to give you some insight into how to choose the best false eyelash for YOU.  Remember false lashes should compliment your face NOT over-power it.  When you choose the right lashes for your eye ahape they will open up your eyes, and immediately enhance your beauty.


Comment down below and let us know your eye-shape!   Are you willing to rock false eyelashes tailored to your specific eye shape?  Did you know your specific eye shape can make a huge difference in how eyelashes look on you?  Let us know. 

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