• How to properly care for natural mink eyelashes?

    Did you know that properly cared for mink lashes can last for 20-30 uses? I have had a favorite pair of mink lashes last me almost six months.
  • Real vs. Fake Mink Lashes - How to tell the difference?

    Mink Lashes are all the rave. 3D mink lashes have become a favorite for instagram baddies, soccer moms and corporate boss babes alike.  With the popularity of these lashes, we have to be very careful of fraud and ensuring that we are truly buying luxury mink lashes and not a cheap counterfeit.   One way to know if your mink lashes are real is the price.  Real mink lashes cannot be purchased for $2.00 or even $5.00.  Any lash that is advertising as real mink for a bottom dollar price is likely not real mink lashes but...
  • Ladies Sleepwear: Onesies?

    Hello Lovelies, in today's blog we will be discussing the onesie trend for women.
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